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Setting A Realistic Budget

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Setting A Realistic Budget

Three Ways To Use A Payday Loan To Open A Consignment Business

by Leo Austin

Using money to make money is the best way to allocate your funds. If you have very little funding, you may feel like your business ideas must remain stalled. One business that you can open up with limited funds is a consignment shop. Consignment shops carry goods from various sellers to offer to buyers. Most consignment shops charge a fee of the final sale of an item. If you are interested in opening your own consignment shop but have no left over money, here are some ways to use a payday loan (from an outlet such as http://www.paydayexpresscashadvance.com) to open the shop.

Purchase a few items yourself

In order to open a shop, you will need to have some goods available. No matter if you are selling shoes, purses, clothing, or furniture, you can find good deals through auction sites or from thrift stores in your town. Allocate some of the money from a payday loan to purchase a few good deals that you know you can resell for a higher cost. Starting off with a handful of your own pieces can make your store look legitimate and give you some investment of your own.

Purchase proper business insurance

With luxury goods on hand, you will need to have proper insurance. Though you may be able to run the business from your home to save money, you will need business insurance for the items. Renters insurance will likely not cover the cost of items from your third party sellers, as they are not technically your belongings. Be sure to invest in proper business insurance so that you do not wind up in the hole if a theft or item damage happens.

Advertise on social media

A consignment business can attract buyers and those who wish to consign their item through advertisements. You will need to create a page on all social media sites with the details of your shop. Most social media will allow you to open a page for free, which will help you save your payday loan for the advertisements. Some social media websites allow you to pay them directly to boost advertisements. On other platforms, you can pay users directly who have a large number of followers with the demographic that you are targeting. Some strategic advertisements and offering deals to the first people who offer sales and make purchases through your shop will net you a growing business before your payday loan comes due.