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Setting A Realistic Budget

Are Juveniles Eligible For Bail?

by Leo Austin

When kids and adolescents are arrested for crimes, the first thought their parents or guardians have is getting them out of jail. Unfortunately, that's not always an easy task because the bail system doesn't extend to juveniles in most states. Here's what you need to know about how courts typically handle juvenile arrests to help you develop the best plan possible to get your kid released from custody.

Personal Recognizance or Bust

In the vast majority of states, the bail system only applies to people who are considered legal adults (i.e. 18 years or older). Defendants who are 17 years and younger are usually presented with only two options: they're released on their recognizance to their parents or guardians or they're indefinitely detained.

Which option is applied to the child's case comes down to several factors, such as their age, the severity of the crime, the reliability of the parent or guardian, and the kids' flight risk. For instance, if there's a chance the defendant's parents will help them flee to another country, the judge may opt to keep the juvenile in custody. The best course of action in this situation is to work with an attorney to make a case for a release on personal recognizance.

A few states do allow bail to be set in juvenile cases, so it's a good idea to research the laws in your area. If your state allows juvenile bail and the judge orders it in your child's case, contact a bail bond company to help arrange for his or her release.

Juveniles Tried as Adults 

As mentioned previously, juvenile defendants don't qualify for bail in most states. However, many of these same states make an exception in cases where the minor is being charged as an adult for a serious crime, such as severe sex offenses and murder. In this situation, bail proceedings will be handled in the same manner as cases involving adult defendants.

Although having your child tried as an adult is not ideal, this does make it easier to get them out of jail. You won't have to depend so much on your attorney making a good case for personal recognizance. When bail is ordered, you can simply contact a local bail bond company, pay the bond fee, and get your loved one released from jail quickly.

To learn more about juvenile bail bonds, contact a local bail bonds agency for assistance.