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Setting A Realistic Budget

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Setting A Realistic Budget

Capital-Raising Strategies For Investment Managers

by Leo Austin

If you work as an investment manager, it's key to raise capital so that you can help your clients see sizeable gains in their investments. If you want to have more success with this, here are some capital-raising strategies you might consider.

Analyze Past Capital-Raising Behaviors

If this isn't the first time that you're trying to raise capital as an investment manager, then you should have ample data to go back through. It will show past capital-raising behaviors that you can analyze to see where there is room for improvement. Maybe it's the type of investments you tried to secure or when you tried to invest in them. Make sure you keep all of your past capital-raising data stored in a system that you can easily access at any time. Then you can make key inferences that guide how capital raising should go going forward.

Make Sure Capital-Raising Plans Are Simple

In order to gather capital as an investment manager working with different clients, you need to be able to explain the type of capital-raising strategies that you plan on executing. Make sure they're simple because then it will be easier to explain them to potential investors. Investors need to understand the financial directions you're trying to take immediately because then, you can hook them and keep their attention throughout each pitch. Then you'll start seeing more returns on these pitches and that's key for sustaining capital-raising efforts until a particular financial goal is met.

Gather Key Metrics

Data is a valuable asset for investment managers trying to successfully raise capital for various funds. As such, you need to make sure you gather key metrics before ever trying to pitch to new investors who will be used to raise capital. For instance, if you're trying to raise capital for a start-up, you need to focus on key metrics like custom acquisition costs and burn rate. These metrics will show exactly where you're at with a financial project and the upside it has for new investors. Then you improve your odds of getting them on board.

Investment managers are in charge of managing financial portfolios for their clients. Part of this might require raising capital to have large payoffs in the future. As long as you work in a strategic and objective way, you'll help your clients have a lot more success with their investments over the years. 

For more information on capital raising for investment managers, contact an investment firm in your area.